Over 15 years experience
conducting building inspections in Adelaide

Why a building inspection is a sound investment.

It comes down to being properly informed about what you are buying. You need to know that your proposed investment is sound. A residential purchase is often a family’s single largest expenditure, so it is crucial to be aware of the hidden defects that may be present in the property, the possible cause of the problems and the urgency of repairs. Some of the most common defects which we see often are:

  • Structural defects.
  • The presence of salt damp / rising damp.
  • Slab edge wetting in floor slabs.
  • Maintenance defects.
  • Shower leaks.
  • Old wiring.
  • Lack of stormwater management.
  • Roof leaks.
  • Extensions not approved by council.
  • Downpipes draining at the base of the walls.
  • Settlement of walls and footings.
  • Walls not vertically plumb.

Our reports will assist you to:

  • Decide whether you wish to proceed with the purchase
  • Armed with our report you will be in a position of strength in your negotiations for the sale, and Plan for future maintenance and property costs.

Why you should use us

Items to consider when having a Building Inspection done

We are licensed general Builders. Most Building Inspectors in SA are not licensed general builders and do not have Building Degrees.

  • We have a Building Technology Degree.
  • Our inspection reports are generally over 30 pages long with photos.
  • We comply with Australian Standard AS 4349.
  • We can do inspections at short notice.