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11 most common Building defects noted during House inspections.

Here are 11 of the most common Building defects noted during House inspections.

1/ Rising damp in masonry walls.

2/L ack of plastic between paving and floor slab edges leading to slab edge wetting to the floor slab. This results in fretting of the concrete floor slab edges due to ground moisture and salts attack.

3/ On sloping sites a lack of stormwater catchment and diversion of stormwater to the street.

4/ Showers leaking and not waterproofed.

5/ Rodent droppings in roof spaces.

6/ Gutter or downpipes leaking and or downpipes draining to base of walls.

7/ Gaps to external paving and movement in paving.

8/ House walls / footings settlement.

9/ Floor tiles on timber floor boards cracking .

10/ Lack of external painting leading to wood rot.

11/ Paving placed too high up against brick walls leading to lateral dampness damage in walls.

Property Protect is an Adelaide Building Inspection Business owned and operated by Damian Swart who has undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in the building industry.

Damian is a licensed general builder who has worked in the building industry for over 30 years and has a strong practical and theoretical background.

Damian previously operated a Building contracting business for 15 years.

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