7 Biggest faults people make when negotiating the purchase of a property.

Here are the 7 Biggest faults people make when negotiating the purchase of a property.

1/ Contract signed not subject to finance or a favourable building inspection.

2/ Placing to large a deposit on the property.

3/ Not negotiating a long settlement .

4/ Not knowing what the true value of the property is.

Most people rely on the agent to establish a value on the property. Purchasers should use an independent property valuer to establish the value.

5/ Accepting a two working days cooling off period in contract.

In our experience two days does not give the purchaser enough time to establish a value on a property nor does it give you enough time to have a Building and Pest inspection done and then digest this information.

6/ Making the contract subject to the sale of an existing property.

Offers should always be on a cash basis.

7/ Making an offer on a property without any time limit.

In our opinion an offer should be for a short period of time so that the agent cannot shop the offer around.

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