7 Simple ways to reduce movement in a house.

Simple ways to reduce movement in a house.

1/ Ensure all gaps between the paving and the base of the wall are sealed off with a sealant.

This will ensure large amounts of water will not cause soil expansion in winter.

2/ All stormwater should discharge out to the street and not to the base of the walls.

This will ensure no soil expansion at all times.

3/ Water gardens around the house at least three times a week in Summer.

This will keep the soil around the house in a stable moisture range and hence reduce soil loads on house footings thereby reducing movement.

4/ Make sure that no large trees are close to the walls.

5/ Have a plumber test that all pipes in the house are not leaking.

6/ If land falls towards the house install stormwater catchment measures to ensure that no stormwater reaches the house.

7/ Ensure that gutters and downpipes are not leaking.

A constant inflow of water into the soil around the bases of walls can lead to soil settlement or expansion.

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