Client Feedback

Due to your professional service, attention to detail and quality advice (that I followed), I went back to the vendors and renegotiated the contract. The vendors have agreed to reduce the price by $12,000, which is a terrific win for our clients.
I cannot thank you enough for your efforts, I have already voiced the experience to my team in the office about the service you provided to me and what you delivered and at my next sales meeting will detail my experience in more detail.

Chris Burns CEO, Key Invest Lending Services

We would like to thank you in relation to the inspection of our house. Your attention to detail was excellent.
After receiving your report we were able to negotiate a discount on the purchase of our house for over $10,000-00. Thanks again.

Peter Bradley Somerton Park

My wife and I would like to thank you for the help given to us in the purchase of our house.
Not only did you explain all defects associated with the house you also detailed what maintenance work that we would need to carry out going forward.

Leigh Costello Brighton

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the help that you gave us in the purchase of our new home. We would also like to thank you for the help that you gave us in finding two contractors to repoint the front of our house. My wife also appreciated that you gave us advice on the different options of under pinning the house

David C St Peters

We would like to express our thanks to you in identifying the defects in our new house. In particular we would like to thank you for picking up that our roof space was not insulated and that a wall was out of place by 120 mm. Your fees were well and truly covered by the mistakes made by our builder and this has put us into a position of strength in the negotiations in terms of a financial settlement.

P and J Ligier Paradise

Damian, we would like to thank you for the help in setting up the evacuation plan as we recently had a smouldering fire in a bin to the rear of our office. The designation of who was responsible for putting out the fire was well planned by you and what could have been a major disaster was quickly put out

Beth S Port Adelaide

Thank you for the pre purchase inspection that you carried out for us recently. The identification of a major defect in the house saved us tens of thousands of dollars in the negotiations with our real estate agent and we are thankful that we chose you to do this inspection

Fiona H Torrens Park