Fire Safety Audits

Property Protect carries out audits on commercial and industrial buildings in terms of identifying current risks to the building and occupants from a fire.

Fire Safety Audits aim to identify whether your building complies with Australian Standard 1851.

This standard requires frequent inspections of fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and many more items.

Based on this assessment, programs can be drafted to ensure your organisation meets fire fighting maintenance requirements.

This survey is carried out on a visual basis. Our building audits are carried out to comply with Australian Standard AS 1851.

This document outlines the items audited, and also identifies the types of defects generally noted.

AS 1851.

Property Protect can record this information for you.

Items that can be inspected in a fire audit:

This is not a definitive list and any audit can be tailored to the clients needs:

  • Fire and smoke door sets
  • Floor penetrations i.e. no voids in the floor
  • Fire walls i.e. no voids in walls
  • Checking the dry film thickness of intumescent coatings applied to structural steel
  • All forms of passive fire protection
  • Evacuation plans.

Typical defects noted during audits:

Fire and wall penetrations

Voids in fire walls are the biggest defect noted during inspections generally above T bar ceiling grids. These are generally sealed off with either fire rated mortars or sealants. Property protect can prove written specifications on how to repair any voids noted.

Vermiculite fire spray

This material is generally applied to structural steel in order to give the steel frame concerned a fire rating as defined by the Building Code and AS 1530 in order to insulate the steel.

Property Protect has seen this material removed and scraped away by building trades to fit low ceilings or install door frames against columns.

Property Protect can provide you with the correct specification in order to repair any removal of this product.

Intumescent fire paint

This is another insulating material applied to steel work to insulate it.

The defects noted with this material include:

  • Not applied thick enough
  • Applied outside without a UV stable coating
  • These fire paints cannot be installed outside without a UV stable coating.

Fire Blankets

Generally the biggest defect with this item is that the blanket has either been used or is out of date.

Fire doors

The defects noted with fire doors are probably the largest noted that Property Protect has come across and these are:

  • Fire doors obstructed
  • Smoke seals are brittle or perished
  • Smoke doors do not have tags stipulating the FRL (Fire rating) that the door complies with or who made the door and when
  • Fire doors could have asbestos in them.

Evacuation plans

A large proportion of businesses that Property Protect has carried out audits for do not have evacuation plans.