Construction Inspector

Property Protect provides a thorough staged and final inspection service for new construction projects. This inspection process ensures that your new home is being built with sound methods, solid materials and the appropriate level of competence.

When To Inspect

For a new property we would advise that a building inspection be
carried out at the following stages of construction:

Stage 1: After the roof and wall frame is erected.

Stage 2: Prior to internal linings being installed after brick walls erected and roof cladding installed.

Stage 3: Prior to wall insulation being installed.

Stage 4: Immediately after the installation of the wet area waterproofing (ie prior to tiling).

Stage 5: Final Inspection at handover.

N.B. We recommend the above inspection program, however the minimum inspection plan will ensure inspections are made at Stage 2 and at Stage 5. Most of our clients will only inspect two stages being stage 2 and 5.

At each stage a written report is given to you and can then be also forwarded to the builder if required.

The defect reports will generally refer to a combination of minor and moderate repairs. It is unusual to see a major defect in a brand new house.