Project Management

Many construction defects and cost blowouts are due to poor supervision during the building process. Property Protect has the real world construction experience that you need to ensure a successful outcome for your project. We offer full service construction and renovation project management from the planning stage to contract completion.

How Can We Help?

Property Protect offers full service construction and renovation project management from the planning stage to contract completion for residential and commercial building maintenance and failures. We can carry out the following services for facility and property managers.

  • Carry out an audit of a Building to identify any defects. (The scope of work needs to be fully assessed and in some instances this can involve destructive and or non destructive testing.)
  • Obtain quotes from sub-contractors for a specific task.
  • Draft a specification to repair a specific building defect. (This would detail how the work would comply with the relevant Australian Standard. It would also include any warranties and how the work should be carried out with specific instructions.)
  • Place a budget cost against the defect for various repair methods. (For example it may be that the strata body only has a specific budget and some repair options may not be financially viable. Property Protect can cost specific repair options so that when builders tender for a specific job there is a good chance that the tender will be within budget and will proceed accordingly.)
  • Prepare documentation for a tender. (Specifically we can draw up specifications, contracts, prepare drawings, liaise with bidders and then evaluate tenders to recommend a specific contractor.)
  • Audit and inspect the quality of work in terms of compliance with contract documents and Australian Standards.
  • Process payments to the contractor and/or subcontractors.
  • Supervise and oversee works in terms of compliance with contract documents.

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Advice to residential property owners on extensions and renovations.

Many owners do not take into consideration the commercial, design and orientation considerations of an extension and in many instances over capitalise with the extension not adding value to the property. Property Protect can offer advice on the following.

  • Optimum size, fixtures and fittings of extension.
  • Best orientation of the additions.
  • Giving advice to the client on what the optimum value of the extension should be.
  • If the current house is suitable for an It may be an older home which is unstable structurally.
  • If the current house can be redesigned to maximise the area without carrying out an extension.