Concrete Testing and Concrete Cancer Repair Reports

Concrete can degrade through a number of ways including carbonation, sulphate and chloride attack.

Essentially carbonation degrades concrete through carbon dioxide attack whilst chloride attack is from salts.

Designing a solution to the concrete cancer is carried out via the following process,

-Carry out visual,chemical and destructive testing on site to identify the type, cause and extent of the concrete corrosion.

-Collate results in a report giving advice on the following,

*Visually outline to the client the extent of the corrosion.

*Detail which repair materials and methods would be used to address the concrete cancer.

*Outline what the client will need to do in terms of ongoing maintenance once the concrete is repaired.

*Budget pricing can be carried out.

Testing on the structure could include some or all of the following methods,

*Delamination testing.

*Visual survey.

*Chloride testing and mapping.

*Carbonation testing and mapping.

*Cover meter survey.

*Concrete strength testing via destructive testing (cores) or non destructive Schmidt hammer.

*Location of reinforcement.

*Concrete resistivity.

*Determination of thickness of the concrete.