Property Dilapidation Reports In Adelaide

What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is a report following a building inspection or property inspection. The report details the pre-existing condition of a building or site at a specific date and time. 

This report is essential for property owners concerned about the effects of nearby construction on their property. Examples of such construction include excavation or demolition works. This report is a record of the condition of a property in the event of a legal dispute.

When are Dilapidation Reports Completed?

Dilapidation surveys and reports are commissioned:

  • As part of a council requirement prior to works commencing on an adjacent development, or 
  • By a concerned property owner taking proper precautions prior to major construction works on an adjacent site or adjoining property.

What if a building site on a nearby property is sinking piles next to a house? A dilapidation report would detail and record with photographs all existing damage and wall cracks. The reports will include the detail even if the damage is relatively minor (say less than 1mm wide).

After the nearby construction is completed, if wall cracks are greater in size, you will have strong and expert evidence. This would be evidence that the adjacent building works have caused additional cracking to your property.

Defects Inspected and Recorded

We record all defects on existing structures noted at the time of inspection in the property including photos. Follow up visits occur, either during or after the nearby construction is completed. This allows us to review the condition of aspects of the property and further record any changes or new damage.

Property Protect records any defects noted by us visually only at the time of the inspection including the generation of photos.

Adelaide Building Inspections and Dilapidation Reports

Property Protect are qualified building inspectors, owned and operated by Damian Swart. Damian has worked in the South Australian building industry for more than 30 years.

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